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The iPad in Education: The Apps & Deployment
Going nomadic...article very interesting.
Good paper on the iPad in tertiary education
Database on teaching, very good

a six-point typology is presented around the capability

of PPD’s in tertiary education contexts including: course materials; enrolment

and administration; content generation; research and material yielding;
collaboration and engagement; and productivity enhancement.

"Importantly ACU appear
to recognise that in order to genuinely extract the full value out of mobile
devices a fundamental reconfiguration of teaching delivery methods,
curriculum design, staff attitudes and skills as well as the obvious IT/IS
infrastructure and resources such as a significant upgrade of wireless
broadband provision is required (Garaj, 2010)."

Garaj, V. (2010) m-Learning in the education of multimedia technologists and designers at the
university level: A user requirements study.

IEEE Transactions on Learning


, 3(1), 24-32.

“Tablets like the iPad will make it second nature to not just facilitate but actually make
effective pedagogical use of ubiquitous learning, that is, teaching and learning that can
take place any time, in small burst, convenient to all, asynchronously or in real-time,
as students and teachers alike immerse themselves in a more engaging and practical
learning dialog, seamlessly forming part of the aforementioned digital continuum.”
(Ed Garay , Assistant Director for Academic Computing at UIC cited fr. Kolowich,

This paper studies the use of an iPad in a classroom. What kind of pedagogical
issues could potentially develop by using the iPad as a pedagogical device
and does it enhance or decrease the learning experience. This research is performed
through fact-finding and quotations from different sources. Because
of the limited knowledge and experience with this platform and device from
before, some best effort reasoning was used in order to come to conclusions.
The key findings in this paper is that the iPad has great pedagogical
potential, yet there exists little information on how this potential is utilized as
many pilot projects are still in their early phases of deployment.

iPad Usability: First Findings From User Testing

iPad Usability: Year One

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